What I did on my summer vacations

Yesterday we celebrated three birthdays: My two sons, born on April 14th and April 8th, and my youngest daughter, born on April 7th. I can hear all your brains working backwards 9 months….I’ll save you the trouble: July…It’s JULY!! The ironic thing is that the boys were both due in March, the girl in May…go figure.

Anyway, now that my baby is 21 and ALMOST out of the nest, I get to reflect on 29 years of motherhood and see how I did. For as long as I remember being a good mother has been my top priority in life. That’s all I wanted – to be a good mother. So……did I do it? I suppose that’s not for me to say, and maybe it’s not possible to quantify, but I look at all four of my kids (the other was born in October – smart girl!) and I see mature, responsible adults. Even the ones who grew up kicking and screaming every step of the way….I see the way they live, the way they interact with others and I think, “Wow! They are such great young adults! Maybe I did at least some of it right!”

There have been many proud moments in my life as a mom. Watching my oldest perform a sax solo in high school and quietly weeping, wishing my dad were alive to see him. Being with my #2 son and his wife when my first grandchild was born – His calm, gentle manner not only with his laboring wife, but with his worried mother-in-law was something that every man should have witnessed. He took charge, he took care – of his wife, his mother in law, and his new baby daughter. Seeing my oldest daughter marry her “cutie” on a hill on the farm where I grew up. Witnessing my youngest overcome her fears and set off on a trip to Michigan….. wow….they’ve grown up…..and we all survived (me with a few more wrinkles and gray hair for which I blame them every chance I get!)

Someday, when my life is finished, I hope I will have earned these three words as my epitaph: SHE DONE GOOD

2 thoughts on “What I did on my summer vacations

  1. I think your record as a mother was, is, and will always be unmatchable. When I was finally old enough to look outside myself, I realized all you\’d done for us and am overwhelmed every time I think about it. I love you and respect you for the choices you made and the support you offered, through thick and thin.Love,Your #3 child: in order, not in importance 😀


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