Book Review: “The Third Thing”, by Sirkka Smith

Love. Friendship. Weird Birds. Thirty-one-year-old Xiomara (Xo) wants a reset on life. She ditches her job and heads to the small town of Lingen where she accepts a part-time position doing what she loves: drawing and painting local birds for an upcoming field guide. As much as she would like a boyfriend, she feels awkward, … Continue reading Book Review: “The Third Thing”, by Sirkka Smith


So many of my ideas start with a picture in my mind whether I'm working on a novel, or brainstorming a blog post. Sadly, I'm no artist. But Sarah C. Bittel is and I'm excited to announce that we've teamed up to create this periodic comic strip, The Introvert Files. We hope you enjoy it.

My Christmas Book Wishlist

Is anyone out there who doesn't love to read? Hands up? Didn't think so. Several of my favorite authors have recently or will soon release new titles. The Evening and the Morning--Ken FollettHis books are l-o-o-o-ng but usually really good and interesting historical fiction.Troubled Blood--Robert GalbraithGalbraith, aka JK Rowling writes a good mystery. This is … Continue reading My Christmas Book Wishlist

Book Review: “If Darkness Takes Us” by Brenda Marie Smith

Imagine you're an old lady, settled in your ways, just you and the old man. And then the power goes off: a solar pulse has disrupted the entire energy grid. But it's not just electricity that's been lost. There's no water, no cell phone, no computer. Anything with any kind of electronics no longer functions, … Continue reading Book Review: “If Darkness Takes Us” by Brenda Marie Smith