Warm Showers

Not everything in my life revolves around writing, and this past weekend is a prime example. We had guests from Junìn de los Andes in Patagonia, Argentina. They arrived via bicycle. That’s not an unusual occurrence for us—we are hosts for an organization called Warm Showers whose members volunteer to host touring cyclists for a … Continue reading Warm Showers

Beta Me This

If you’re a part of the writing community, you’ve probably heard the term “beta reader.” What’s that, you say? Beta readers are part of the writing process. Let’s start from the beginning: When you finish that first rough (and awful!) draft, the rule of thumb is to set it aside for a few weeks, then … Continue reading Beta Me This

Book Review: “Breaking the Rules” by Tinthia Clemant

Shannon Baldos wants to divorce her husband, Justin. Now if she could just find the courage to tell him. She’s tried it once: taking her infant son, Chad, and leaving, but Justin tracked them down and bullied her into returning. Classic abuse. Her friend Peg thinks all she needs is a good affair—Justin makes no … Continue reading Book Review: “Breaking the Rules” by Tinthia Clemant

Book Review: “Winter Loon” by Susan Bernhard

It was the title that snared me.  Ever since I first heard a loon call across a mountain lake, I’ve loved them. It’s a haunting sort of sound that catches you off guard at first but quickly becomes a welcoming call. And haunting is exactly what “Winter Loon” is. Fifteen-year-old Wes Ballot’s mother swears she … Continue reading Book Review: “Winter Loon” by Susan Bernhard