The Introvert Files

Wish You Weren’t Here: A Tongue-in-Cheek Blog for Introverts

“Thoughts and self-directed jabs at the world of an introvert. If you’re one of us, I hope you find it entertaining. If you’re from the ‘other side,’ I hope you find it informative.” – Author Susannah Willey

The Introvert Blog Series Collection
My Name is Susannah, and I’m an Introvert
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Yeah, that’s where you’d find me
If I Could be Any Animal
My Idea of a Trip to Hell
Time Flies When You’re Having…never mind
Introvert at Lunch
Writers, Introverts, and Social Media
A Night In
Rockin’ the Holidays the Introvert Way
Pandemic Response
When Your Phone Just Won’t Stop Ringing
And Now a Word From The Introvert
The Introvert Strikes Again