There’s Always Something to See at Montezuma

Saturday – cool, breezy, threatening clouds, off-and-on rain. Still we saw plenty of birds and not just geese and ducks as we’ve seen on previous days this spring. At least one lifer for me – a Redhead (noooooo, not Lucy – think duck). Red-winged blackbirds are always everywhere around the preserve but of course since we decided to try to photograph their brilliant colors, they did not want to cooperate. Eventually I got some good photos. Also snapped shots of a blue-winged teal, great blue heron, goslings, and a dunlin who looked to be “singin’ in the rain.” At mud lock the month-old eaglets sat atop the nest with mom and pop keeping watch from adjacent trees. Some of the photos aren’t great quality but it’s nice to have a record of what I’ve seen.

One thought on “There’s Always Something to See at Montezuma

  1. I really love the picture of the Dunlin – A lifer for me for sure – and it seems to be singing on one leg! Its also much clearer quality than my 800 ISO shots were.I also really like the RWBB. Just looks great in there among those white flowers. Beautiful shot. Honestly. They look great. It was a good day!


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