Hiking the Highland

Yesterday was a bright, sunny, and chilly day but proved to be a great day for hiking in Highland Forest. The brave adventurers chose the”Main Trail,” a nearly 8-mile trek. Eight miles of flat terrain is a challenge. Eight miles of inclines, streams, twists, and turns is a BIG challenge. Stopping at a lean-to for a quick rest and some fruit with 4.6 miles to go, we opted to take a shorter route back to the lodge. Even so we completed six miles in less than 3.5 hours. The view from the lodge was breathtaking, and we could even see the wind turbines in Cazenovia, about 15 miles away. Not much wildlife around although we heard lots of woodpeckers and perhaps a turkey. We also saw lots of these tracks. After some quick research, I think they might be from a coyote (notice the claw marks: cats usually have their claws retracted, dogs don’t).

2 thoughts on “Hiking the Highland

  1. Wow. Did you bring a walking stick? Or a big stick anyway?The world should get outside like this. Great view.Shhhh! Don\’t tell people how beautiful NY is. They might not think NYC is all we have and join us up here~


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