GO SU! oh…..SU (sigh)

Saturday, Syracuse vs. West Virginia, a tough game but we’ve been doing so much better this season. We had a chance. The team has heart. The team has determination. They are motivated! So excited to be a part of it – not great seats but I was THERE!

Somewhere between the coin toss and the interception during SU’s first possession, all that seemed to go right out the window. It was disappointing. It was deja vu from last year….and the year before….and the year before. After reviewing the plays this is my call: aggressiveness. That’s what our team lacks. They folded, over and over. Missed receptions, missed tackles, running plays that should have been long passes.

I am an optimist. I believe in SU. We’ll win more games this season, I know we will. Not sure who the QB will be but I hope between now and our next game in two weeks our guys find that heart and determination that had us all hoping for that old SU we all love.

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