Montezuma 2010

It’s been awhile since I’ve been to Montezuma and I’ve been itching to go. Saturday was the day and Charlie agreed to come along. I was disappointed to find that the main drive was blocked off for “repairs” and the eagles were nowhere to be seen at Mud Lock – thought my day might be a bust. But we had a nice walk on the trails and saw a few birds. I especially like the first great blue heron photo – you don’t often see them in the trees like this unless they’re on or near their nest.

And while we’re talking about nests….and nesting….and babies….my new granddaughter should arrive tomorrow. Stay tuned for lots of proud granny photos.

One thought on “Montezuma 2010

  1. Great shots as usual. And it looks like you had a great day for light!I saw a guy up there in the gift shop who had a camera similar to yours, except the lens was optically longer. I forget the length but it was like equivalent to 800mm. He had some great shots.btw, the drive is open now. I took a survey while I was up there. I said the place is wonderful, but its time to let the water back into the main pool and to let the people closer to the wildlife.


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