June-August Book Recap

Boy, I sure have read some awesome books this summer. The kind of books that make me wish I was “that good” at writing. I’ve added a couple of authors to my “read every one of their books” list. Some have been short, quick reads, others very long but they kept my interest. In all, I’ve read twenty books this summer (and I’m going to blame the fact that I didn’t read more on the really long books — I’m looking at you, Never and Lords of Discipline–and the DNFs). I’ve also decided that I am not a big fan of memoirs.

I’ve read some stinkers. Two I put down mostly because of triggers, but the writing wasn’t that great. Another one I purchased as an e-book and–sorry not sorry–I wasted my money. This book had received a five-star editorial review and,honestly, I can’t see how. Besides the fact that it was way too long (1100 pages) and kind of boring, the writer in me was immediately put off by the abundance of “head hopping” and “telling vs. showing.” All of them were a waste of time in my quest to see how many books I read in a year.

On to autumn: a huge TBR pile of books next to my bed, a bunch of ebooks on my Kindle, and a library wish list as long as my arm.

  • A Confidential Source, Jan Brogan (ebook: kindle unlimited) ****
  • The Four Winds, Kristin Hannah (ebook: library) ***** As always, a great read from Kristin Hannah
  • Elemental, Whitney Hill (ebook: kindle) ***** Love the protagonist, Arden. Will definitely read more.
  • Quicksilver, Dean Koontz (ebook: kindle purchase) ****
  • Gravel Heart, Abdulrazak Gurna (ebook: library) *****
  • The Heretic Heir, G. Lawrence (ebook: kindle unlimited) ***1/2 Slowly making my way through the Elizabeth I series. My only beef is there is way too much dwelling on her relationship with Robin.
  • Signal Moon, Kate Quinn (ebook: Kindle purchase) ****
  • The Most Dangerous Enemy, G. Lawrence (ebook: Kindle purchase) *** 1/2
  • Crossing Places, Elly Griffiths (paperback)****
  • Angels Flight, Michael Connelly (paperback)****
  • Born a Crime, Trevor Noah (ebook–library)****
  • One Step Too Far, Lisa Gardner (ebook–library)*****+ LOVED IT!
  • Lords of Discipline, Pat Conroy (Paperback) *****+
  • Queen Sacrifice, Tony Riches (ebook-kindle purchase)**
  • All that Remains, Patricia Cornwell (paperback)*****
  • Traveling With Pomegranates, Sue Monk Kidd and Ann Kidd Taylor (hardcover)***
  • Blood of My Blood, G. Lawrence (ebook, kindle purchase)****
  • The Night Fire, Michael Connelly (paperback)****
  • Wild, Cheryl Strayed (e-book, library)****
  • Never, Ken Follet (hardcover)***** A chilling account of how a nuclear war might happen.
  • DNF:
    • The Eisenhower Chronicles, MB Zucker
    • The Investigators ,W.E.B. Griffin, Shepard Girl, Sarah Flower Kjeldsen
      • I tried, but there were too many triggers

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