My name is Susannah, and I’m a number nerd.

My brain works in numbers. It wants to translate everything to a numerical formula, a syncopated rhythm, a symmetrically balanced equation. I dunno, that’s just how I think.

Anyway, my seventieth birthday was a week ago, and, like I do every year, I reflect in amazement on how many years I’ve been around. As in, “Wow! Today I’m forty. Thirty years ago…. ” How is it something that happened that many years ago was in my lifetime? Am I really that old?

So here are my annual ruminations on age:

Twenty years ago I was divorced…

Thirty-five years ago my youngest child was born…

I have been someone’s mother for forty-three years…

Fifty-one years ago I graduated high school…

Sixty-five years ago I started kindergarten!!!!

How can it be that ANYTHING about me was SIXTY FIVE YEARS AGO???

Time flies?

Here’s another little nerdy number tidbit: Next year, in 2023, I will be 71 years old. It will have been 52 years since I graduated high school. I was born in 1952. I graduated in 1971. (52+71=23).

Stuff like this keeps my mind spinning. Go figure.

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3 thoughts on “S-E-V-E-N-T-Y!

  1. I graduated from high school in 1970 so this is the year that the Class of ’70 turned 70. There is a large group of us here in town who celebrated that milestone this year–baby boomers that we are.

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