The Poetry of “War Sonnets”: Before They Were Soldiers

Although they are from opposite sides of the world, Leo and Tadashi, the main characters in War Sonnets have a lot in common. They are both from families who have farmed the land for generations., a land they love. In those early days, before they are called to war, Tadashi's haikus and Leo's sonnets reflect … Continue reading The Poetry of “War Sonnets”: Before They Were Soldiers

Writers, Introverts, and Social Media

As a wanna-be author, I have a social media presence. It's virtually a requirement. If you want a publisher to take you seriously, you need to have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts, a website, and writing blog. Your social media presence, your online followers, are critical. Publishers want to know there is already an audience who … Continue reading Writers, Introverts, and Social Media