The Story of Me

The following in an excerpt from Max’s blog followed by my thoughts

So who are you? April 11th, 2008 by Max

Ever wonder how people are going to talk about you when you’re gone? Could you tell the story of the me that is inside me, by telling the stories people will remember of me?

It’s so hard to capture, really capture, who someone is. How do you show the inner mind? The person inside who says hey look at me, see me, I’m in here. I’m not this shell, I’m here and I’m alone.

We like to have a handle on who everyone else is, but I think we don’t know the inside. Is any of that, the piece of one’s soul that one keeps only for one’s self? Do we even keep these things for ourselves? Or is it in showing ourselves to people that we create these caricatures of ourselves that people will talk about when we are gone?

I suspect, in presenting ourselves to the world in the way that we do, to not show the holes in our panes while trying to let the world see in. We try to get the thing that we need, we ensconce in translucent frost the lens we are trying to focus on ourselves.

Somewhere behind the glass, is us!

Susannah thinks…

Behind the frosted glass, inside the fortress the voice cries, “I am here! See me! But don’t hurt me please!” It is the ultimate trust, the ultimate vulnerability, allowing others to see our true self. People think that physical intimacy is the ultimate act. I say it is nothing to offer one’s body – sure the physical risk is real but it’s the emotional intimacy that is most difficult to share. It is our soul that we keep safe inside and souls can be damaged far more deeply than bodies. Perhaps that is the secret to finding one’s “soul mate” – our “other half.” It’s not just about good sex, or similar personalities, or common interests.

The soulmate I want – the soul mate I think most people want whether or not they realize it – is the one to whom I can safely reveal the me inside. My soul mate would be able to tell the real story of me.

3 thoughts on “The Story of Me

  1. I have often wondered if it is possible to find that one person with whom you can trust everything you are inside….it there a soul-mate for me….or am I different.I have NEVER told anyone that I have been friends with, dated, made love to or married all the secrets that are contained in my life. NO ONE.Some I am am afraid they will laugh, some I fear will leave me…other be VERY angry with me….so is there that one person for me? Could I ever trust?


  2. Hey Malt. Deep stuff. Keep writing. Maybe writing is the way to get that stuff out. Do you think we have to get that stuff out? Do you think we even should?Good conversation.THAT, I know makes life better!


  3. Thanks for the comment Malt. Sometimes I think I am cynical about lasting relationships but a part of me keeps believing that somewhere there is a soul-mate for me. I trusted once and it ended badly, but when I think of what is lacking in my life, its that person to whom I can tell anything (everything!) without fear.


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