Check out the Argonauts!

So much to say, so little space….you should listen to the Countless Screaming Argonauts podcast. My favorite so far is Episode #20 where the guys talk about (among other things) the Doomsday Ark and the legacy we as a planet might leave behind. Max and the Penguin are great – and that Manhattan Man! Geez can you GET anymore New Yorkian?? Don’t believe me? You gotta go see – errrrr…hear – for yourself.

One thought on “Check out the Argonauts!

  1. Hey! Another vote for the Argonauts. Thanks Susannah, and all our listeners, our podcast is a labor of love … we love to hear ourselves talk!We love to bash the Dubbaya!We love to think about big things like language and the ark on the moon and questions like what is truth!!!And we love to hear that you\’re listening!


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