Independence Day in Nature

Montezuma yet again. I got there before 8 am thinking the morning light would give me better photos. Eh…maybe not. The light was almost too strong but fortunately for me we were there well into the afternoon. Once again, the not-so-great photos here are included because I like the content. My next task in learning photography: quicker reactions and keeping the camera steadier.

4 thoughts on “Independence Day in Nature

  1. Wow. The top three and the still deer are marketable. Really crisp the way they need to be. Great job. The others are fine as a record of what you saw, and the top one would have to be recropped to get rid of the 1/2 duck … but the crispness, the sharp focus that is necessary for a commercial photo is there. SO yay for you. Great job. Are they adjusted at all? Or just this good right from the camera?Can I hate you just a little?Max


  2. Actually the Purple Martins is a good picture too. The bird in flight looks almost like he has engine\’s on his wings like a plane. Interesting. Another really good picture.


  3. That butterfly and the doe photos are absolutely perfect compositions. The purple martins one makes me giggle. I might be able to show you how to put some more depth into the kinda flat sky in those two fly bird pictures. And it\’s too bad those heron pics didn\’t come out a little clearer, they looked like some great photo ops!


  4. Whoops! I forgot to look at the three photos on top! Wow, they\’re gorgeous! Really nice and crisp and good bold colors! I also recommend cropping out the half-duck in the first one, but it\’s otherwise and awesome pic.


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