Cruisin’ the Eastern Shore

Day 2: Wednesday, August 20

Destination: Lake Ontario. Interstate 81 to Mexico then Route 3 along the eastern lakeshore. There are so many wildlife management
areas along the shore but most are not “visitor friendly” – no place to stop or hike. We did find a few paths to wander inclucing Colwell Pond, Deer Creek Marsh, Sandy Island Beach’s South Pond, Black Pond, and finally El Dorado Beach Preserve. Lots of gulls and buzzards – we even managed to sneak up on three turkey vultures noshing on fish (see the photo of one of them below). After a long day of traipsing through the marshes we drove out to Rte 81 in Adams and headed for home. A light dinner on the patio…..a glass or two of wine….end of a great day.

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