On the Road Again

Day 7: Monday, August 25

Monday morning we’re off early after consulting the map and deciding to see Chimney Bluffs near Sodus Bay (Lake Ontario). It’s a place I have visited often as a child but it’s been a good 35 years since I’ve been there. The bluffs have eroded a lot in the past 3 decades but they are still an amazing sight. We walk along the lakeshore and then climb up to the trail that rises above the bluffs. We see lots of birds and some interesting flowers. I need to get a wildflower identification book!

After the bluffs we stop at a winery to sample and purchase a couple of bottles. Then we have lunch at a little restaurant at the mouth of Sodus Bay. From there it’s down to the other end of the bay where we see several mute swans and a black tern.

We arrive at Sistah Kate’s house late afternoon bearing fresh fruit from one of the local orchards. Tomorrow will be our last travel day.

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