Rudy, Rudy, Rudy…

…I used to respect you. I used to think you’d be a darned good candidate for President. After last night I want to be rid of you and the rest of your Republican cronies. I happened to be driving home and heard your convention speech on NPR. Less than 5 minutes in you were dissing Obama. Snide, catty remarks to which the crowd responded in supportive laughter and boos aimed at the Democratic nominee. That’s when I turned off the radio.

The fact that Obama was a “community organizer” seems to be a big joke among the RNC – Sarah Palin mentioned it again when she compared her experience as a small town mayor to Obama’s stint as a community organizer. Again laughter and taunts came from the crowd. It reminded me of a room full of adolescent boys or a bunch of redneck cowboys.

The Republicans seem to be taking great joy in Obama-bashing. Obama, on the other hand, has taken the high road for the most part. When asked about Palin’s pregnant daughter “scandal” he firmly replied that a candidate’s family – and especially her children – were off limits. As they should be.

Now I’m not saying that the Dems have not slung a little dirt. I’ll be honest and tell you that I didn’t hear the speeches from the Democratic Convention. I don’t know if they acted as rudely as the Republicans. I do know this. If for no other reason than his unwillingness to take personal pot shots at the opposition, I’m voting for Obama.

One thought on “Rudy, Rudy, Rudy…

  1. The Dems took some shots. I did watch and to tell you the truth its nothing that I can remember. However each Democrat in turn started their speech with I know John McCain, I like John McCain, I respect John McCain. Then they went after him.Strangely the best speech was from John Kerry, who, rightly, compared Senator John McCain to Candidate John McCain and how they disagreed with each other, effectively calling him a flip flopper.Watch the \”talking points\” Republicans are all calling that something such as a \’reasoned\’ change of position.Obama made a nice speech. Many I hear LOVED it.I liked it. Watch the group speech though. For instance they\’re all calling Obama\’s tax plan a tax increase, technically true for the rich, though it would lower taxes on 95% of Americans.So they belittle and they distort.Simple truth. The country is in a mess. The Republicans are responsible for all of it.


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