All’s Fair/Adieu Mon Ami

Days 9-10: Wednesday August 27-Thursday, August 28

Wednesday I took GT to the Great New York State Fair for another taste of an American tradition. We toured all the buildings and visited the Indian Village where we watched some Native American dancing and GT bought a dream catcher for his mum. We were home by 4 and enjoyed a relaxing evening watching old tv shows.

On Thursday we made one last visit to William Park and then drove to Brewerton for lunch and wandered around Oneida Shores Park, stopping to chat with a fellow from Ontario and his dog, Evander. And then, all too soon, it was time to take GT to the airport. We had a great 10 days as always – enough time to enjoy each others’ company but not enough time to get tired of one another.

Next time it’s my turn to travel. I’m hoping to see Scotland and more of Wales. Guess I’d better start saving my pennies.

One thought on “All’s Fair/Adieu Mon Ami

  1. Nice shot of the Mallard!!Well, you waited till late in the summer, but you had your vacations worth. And a blog to remind you of the things that you did.I\’m envious…


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