Autumn in the Adirondacks

I left home early Sunday morning headed for what will likely be my last visit to the Adirondacks this year. The weather promised to be sunny but it sure didn’t look that way at 7:30 am. Along the way I saw this red tailed hawk sitting in the top of a tree and admiring the fall scenery while he scanned the bushes for lunch.

By 11:30 I already had made several stops, taken lots of pictures, and arrived at the cabin Max was renting for the weekend in Indian Lake. We stopped to get a sub and sodas then headed north towards Tupper Lake via Blue Mountain and Long Lakes. The wind was cold and the sky was overcast but eventually the sun came out In Long Lake we saw this loon enjoying the brisk afternoon weather. He seemed to be having a good time and once even looked to be on his back preening his belly feathers. There was an eagle soaring not too far overhead – probably a bald eagle though we couldn’t get a good enough look to be sure.

On the way home it was bright so I got a few good pictures of the fall colors. Somewhere near Poland I came upon this buck standing in someone’s front yard. He seemed not to mind my attention, even doing me a great favor by striking a pose before he wandered on his way. I’m not sure where he came by the yellow “necklace” or whether he was wild or tame, but in Old Forge the deer are extremely tame, and I wasn’t that far from Old Forge. It was a great day.

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