The Continuing Adventures of Oma and Kelsey

“Would you guys like to come visit tomorrow?” It was my daughter in law calling. “All Kelsey talks about is, “Oma, Oma, Oma. Amia, Amia, Amia.” Music to a grandmother’s ear. The shy clingy toddler has left her cocoon, emerging as a mischievous social butterfly. She is asking for Oma and Aunt Amelia to come visit.

Having recently discovered crayons and paints, Kelsey spent the day of our Christmas celebration coaxing various family members to color with her. “Oma! Oma! Color!” She ran from one adult to another, her eyes sparkling with the secret that she was about to jump in your lap, suddenly dropping into your arms then as quickly hopping up to “drop in” on another unsuspecting victim.

So on Saturday morning, Amelia and I traveled to Kelsey’s house, bringing along Riley the beagle to play with Kelsey’s puppy Zeus. Kelsey was the quintessential hostess, showing us her kitty, her new toys, her crib. And then the paints came out. Mom was quick to strip off the new pants and t-shirt lest they become an unwitting canvas for the budding artist. It was a wise move. Kelsey’s hands quickly became covered with paint which she immediately wiped clean on her belly. Then came the face painting. Kelsey painted Oma and Aunt Amia, and we returned the favor. After the masterpieces had been completed and set on the counter to dry it was off to the tub for Kelsey. A little more play, an Elmo’s World video, and Miss Kelsey was rubbing her eyes and trying not to fall asleep. It was time for the visitors to head for home.

Another excellent adventure for Oma and Kelsey.

One thought on “The Continuing Adventures of Oma and Kelsey

  1. There can\’t be too many better ways to spend the day than that! Joy for the young and old alike. (I was gonna say young and young at heart, but its too cliche\’ and let\’s face it, one of you is old compared to the other! Actually, Amelia is old compared to Kelsey.)The point is a good time was had by all. (Oops. Another cliche\’)


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