Building the Next Generaton at Mud Lock

On my way to Sistah Kate’s house on Saturday I decided I might as well check out Montezuma for signs of winter wildlife. Nothing much at the refuge, but I was surprised to see the eagles at Mud Lock sprucing up the nest and trying mightily to generate a new brood of young. I was there about 2 hours on Saturday and again for an hour or so this morning. Mom and Pop are actively repairing the nest and mating – I did not expect to see activity so soon and wonder if they spent the winter here.
Today there was also a small flock of tundra swans – about 4 or 5 flying about. I took a short drive down Cayuga lake and found this great black-backed gull soaking up some rays. There were also lots of goldeneyes at the lock. Several folks came and went while I was there both Sunday and today. Their lenses, cameras and tripods looked far superior to my modest set up but I got some good shots nevertheless. I would, however, appreciate some input on the photo of the immature baldy shown here. Can’t seem to get it to sharpen up without messing up the color balance.

3 thoughts on “Building the Next Generaton at Mud Lock

  1. Wow. I\’m jealous of the day. I don\’t have any good advice about the pictures, since I seem to have similar issues. But in the aspect of For What Its Worth I do have some opinions, which I stress are uninformed and unprofessional.There\’s a trade off between sharpness and something … what reality? Truthiness? Its possible to push pictures too far. I\’m not saying that these are. I don\’t think they are, but they are sharp and maybe a little pushed. The eagle in the middle looks really detailed in the larger version, which is nice.One thing to watch for is what the pros call a hot spot. The tails of the eagle in one or two of these are a little \’hot\’. Too bright to show the detail.Careful with the brightness. Having said all of that. These are interesting fun pictures with good quality.I\’m still trying to make a \’great\’ eagle picture.Its really elusive.I know how its impossible to get close to that nest. And knowing that, I\’d say these pictures are remarkable!


  2. Very impressive pics. I dunno about the problem photo: it looks pretty grainy already and I think if you sharpen it much more it\’ll just get grainier. It might help it change the hue of the sky behind him though, to make him stand out more.


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