Erie Canal – Poolsbridge to Bolivar

Today’s segment: From Poolsbridge to Bolivar, about 2 miles one way – a shorter hike so we’d be done in time for the Chief’s game. This painted turtle was one of only a few basking in the sun. The green heron is a photo I’ve been wanting to get…he flew up in front of us and landed across the canal, then waited patiently while I walked back a hundred yards or so to take his picture. I love that I can get so close, and this was without my 100x telephoto lens. The photo of the goose is really noise – it’s an experiment in using what I call “super zoom.” He, too, was across the canal so I’m impressed that I could get such a close (albeit sub-par) shot of him.

I still have to find the right settings to cut down on the noise, but I’m learning. In the meantime I confess to still using “intelligent auto” mode at times. Who among us couldn’t use a little automatic intelligence now and then?

2 thoughts on “Erie Canal – Poolsbridge to Bolivar

  1. The goose was a great pose and boy you musta been happy to see that green heron. I was when I shot (photo'd) my first one last year!I'm going to try to remember to tell Michele at work about your recent treks and your blog. She wrote two books about the canal.I'm jealous!


  2. The green heron was great! He flew up right in front of us and crossed the canal. I knew immediately what it was and managed to get the pics from across the canal, quite a distance away. Second goal met! Now for a golden eagle!


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