Last Saturday Kelsey and I had a playdate – actually a chance for mom and dad to have some quality time without the little one. Although I’d planned a trip to the zoo, Miss Kelsey had other ideas. She loves the playground at the local elementary school which just happens to be around the corner from my house. As we drove by she squealed, “plaaay-ground!!” and pointed excitedly at the colorful slides and swings. As my grandchild, of course it is my duty to spoil her by giving her whatever she wants, then send her home to torment her parents. So plans were altered and off we went to the playground. It is also my grandmotherly duty to tell you what a bright and enchanting child she is – surely a wonder among wonders. Past the shy baby stage and well into entertaining, she regaled us with her gymnastic ability and chattered endlessly. We had planned an overnight but Kelsey was tired (and so was Oma) so, at the end of the day, we called mom to come to the rescue. Maybe next time. I don’t know about Kelsey, but I can’t wait.

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