Last weekend it was a picnic with my sibs, their kids, my kids, and of course the granddaughter. This past weekend it was a family reunion of a different sort: Friend Charlie’s annual “Crary Camp.” Having been assured that his family is as crazy – if not crazier – than mine, I felt it would be no problem fitting in with the clan. And it was…..crazy and no problem. While many of the relatives stayed in adjacent cabins, Charlie and I and some of the others lodged at local campgrounds. We ate, laughed, looked at pictures, participated in a “memorial” for Uncle Joe, laughed, rode bikes, rafted, told stories, laughed, played Scrabble, debated, laughed, and generally had a great time. I did feel right at home, feeling comfortable enough to let loose with my “Benton humor.” They fired straight back at me…how great is that? There are photos and a brief video of the rafters on my Picasa site and, um, Judy… are my “test” answers. Back row: Richard (Worzel, spouse of Jacky), Dave (Crary, spouse Joan and children Meg, Ben, and Emily not present), Adrian (spouse of Sandy Worzel), Bill (Worzel, spouse of Lee), Doug (spouse of Judy Crary), Wick (Flagg, spouse of Lorraine), Bunny (Flagg, spouse of Tom), Jim (Flagg), Josh (Flagg, son of Jim), Charlie (Crary, children Shannon, Steve, Jonathan, and Elaina not present), Kit (Worzel, son of Richard and Jacky), Jason (son of Judy and Doug), Kathryn (daughter of Richard and Jacky), Nathan (son of Morgan)
Second row: Sam (son of Bill and Lee), Lee (spouse of Bill), Rachel (daughter of Bill and Lee), Anna (daughter of Bill and Lee), Lorraine (spouse of Wick Flagg), Kristen (daughter of Wick and Lorraine), Morgan (daughter of Bunny and Tom), Sandy (Worzel, spouse of Adrian), Megan (friend of Kit), Jacky (spouse of Richard Worzel), Barb (aka Susannah, friend of Charlie)
Front row: Bridget (daughter of Morgan), Dorothy (Crary Worzel, wife of Joe), Colin (son of Morgan), Judy (Crary, spouse of Doug), Danny (son of Morgan), Kelly (daughter of Judy and Doug), Julia (daughter of Maura), Maura (daughter of Jim).

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