Rolling, rolling, rolling…

One of the many good things about Charlie is that he gets me off my duff and out doing things. Things I love to do but am too lazy to do alone. We’ve been biking this summer, and I’m loving it. I didn’t have a bike as a kid and have ridden only sporadically since but since June I’ve made up for lost time. My longest bike was last Sunday – 25 miles! Who’da thunk it? So anyway, we were riding down Lakeshore Road last week and passed by this heron and the ducks sunning nearby. Sir Heron was kind enough to sit for several shots – I’m bummed that when he finally flew I wasn’t smart enough to get some in-flight photos as well.

3 thoughts on “Rolling, rolling, rolling…

  1. Wow! Congratulations on your 25 miles, that is awesome! Love the pictures of the Heron, we have one around here lately too. They are beautiful in flight. Laura


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