Mud Lock 2010

Finally got to see the eagles at Mud Lock this year. We’d visited in mid-February but saw no eagles – the weather was cold and windy so they might have been hiding in the nest. But yesterday – there they were! At first there were none, then I spotted two flying – an adult and a 2-3 year immature. About the same time the adult on the nest popped her head up too. The adult flying disappeared behind the trees but the immature flew in and took his place on the nest while the nesting adult flew into the nearby tree to take a well-deserved break. I was surprised that the immature was the one who flew in to relieve the adult. Don’t know if it was male or female. Which would be mating that young? We also saw some mallards, a large flock of snow geese or swans in the distance and what I think was a common goldeneye (too far away to be sure). The tree trunks sticking up out of the water were adorned with what looked like tutus made of ice. Let spring begin!

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