Susannah tries something different

Driving through Syracuse a few weeks back I saw this house. Something about it caught my eye and I imagined it with rain running down the horizontal boards. It intrigued me. So later I went back and took a picture of it. After some experimentation working with both Photoshop Elements and Macromedia Fireworks this is what I came up with. I kinda like it. And I like that sometimes the concrete-sequential me can be a little artistic.

One thought on “Susannah tries something different

  1. Its creepy and its cooky, mysterious and spooky …Or maybe its Mellllllting!Either way its interesting. Good job indulging your creative side. Logic … say computer programing, can be very creative, there's structured construction, then there's the whole free form thing. This looks structured to me (no pun intended) but still creative.


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