Nat’s best hope?

On Friday, May 7th, what might be the biggest thing to happen to the Syracuse Sky Chiefs and the Washington Nationals stepped onto the mound at Alliance Bank Stadium. His name: Stephen Strasburg. His game: Baseball. His fame: 100+ mpg fast balls. It was a sold out, standing room only crowd who came to see the phenom. 13,000+ fans, some who spent hours in traffic to get there. The boy didn’t disappoint. One hit, 5 strike-outs, 2 RBIs, a win for the Chiefs.
Rumor has it that he’ll be going to the majors any day now. Although he lost in his last outing against the Scranton-Wilkesbarre Yankees, his short tenure in Syracuse has revitalized the crowd….well, sort of. When Strasburg is pitching we have sell-outs, other days we’re lucky to get a couple thousand fans. And it’s a shame – Syracuse has an outstanding team this year. Here’s hoping the season will see better crowds. And here’s hoping Steven Strasburg has a phenomenal career.

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