Here’s to Lifers!

Finally, my first trip to Montezuma this spring! The eagles were on the nest and I managed to catch them together – not an easy thing to do since usually one is in the nest and the other is out hunting or just taking a break. The canal was dotted with various waterfowl, mostly migrating to their summer homes. Had it not been for the other bird-watchers I would never have realized that I was seeing several “lifers.” To a bird-watcher, a lifer is a species he hasn’t seen before. I added four lifers to my list on Sunday. Although the photos are grainy, they’re shown below as follows: ruddy duck, green-winged teal, American wigeon, and northern shoveler. Also shown is a hooded merganser – not a lifer but neat to see. A bird enthusiast also pointed out a Eurasian green-winged teal – a subspecies so not truly a “lifer.” Unfortunately I couldn’t get a good photo of him.

On one of the small ponds just inside the refuge, a flock of buffleheads were playing tag, perhaps showing off in a mating dance. They were having a ball, and I had a ball watching them. It was a great day for an outing. Here’s to lifers!

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