Pantser in Plotter’s Clothing?

I have always identified myself as a “plotter.” I’m an obsessive organizer; I need to know where I’m going. so outlines are my friends.

Really? When I dig deeper I realize that for all of my planning, organizing, outlining, agonizing over how to start, eventually I simply write and let the words flow.

So is my “organizing” nothing more than procrastination?

I have a novella that I wrote years ago, and to be honest, it stinks. Oh, the idea is a good one, but now that I understand plot lines and character arcs I can see how bad the writing is.

I’ve tried plotting, fitting it into a character development-type outline and I end up against the proverbial brick wall, not sure what to do next, and I think, “What if I just write the darned thing?”

After all, first drafts are supposed to be crap. The original novella certainly is and it needs so much work I’d be better off starting from scratch.

I am a creature of habit; I hate changing my routine.

But maybe it’s time to give it a try.

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