#PitchWars #PWPoePrompts #BoostMyBio

Throughout the month of July, aspiring authors have been encouraged to share bits about themselves and their WIP on Twitter,#PWPoePrompts. The July 31st prompt? #BoostMyBio.

Okay, so this is not July 31st…I’m a day late. I could pepper you with excuses or I could just get on with it:

Once Upon A Time…

there was a little girl who loved to read. Everything. Being a part of the “flower generation” she wrote poetry, wore love beads, tie-dyed shirts. And she got married, because that’s what big girls did back then.

She got a job for a few years, had children and became a stay-at-home mom. Moved to Texas and back home again. Perhaps she’d outgrown poetry; writing was a distant wish. Over the next twenty-something years she raised her family, became a volunteer EMT, was entranced by the first personal computers (the kind that had no hard drive, no floppy drive…yeah, you don’t want to know) and learned everything about them. Made a career out of that. She flirted with writing, churning out stories like a spinner churns out yarn, and then packed it all away with a promise she’d return. She went back to college, watched her fledglings leave the nest, divorced, got courage, got serenity, got peace.

Retirement happened. What to do with all that free time? (eat your heart out, gen-xers). Her partner, discovering her writing cache, suggested she should go after that dusty dream.

Okay, she thought. Here’s a story I started twenty years ago. What if…?

Here’s an aesthetic of my “cast of characters” for Hope:


Characters (clockwise, sorta): J. Charles Evans III, Reverend Whitney, Josie, Hope, Blue, Emma, Hattie, Absalom, Hope, Albie. Center: “Firebird” Hope, and her little brother, Tommy.

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