If “Hope” was a movie…

Have you ever tried visualizing your characters as movie actors? I suppose it’s rather like “If my novel were a movie…” but really it’s more a means of finding an image that represents your characters’ looks and personalities.

I’ve spent some time looking for images that fit Hope and her friends. Sometimes an image will jump out at me; The image of Meryl Streep in the collage below is amazingly close to how I visualize Hope. In some cases I had a good idea of the actor who could represent a character. Then I only had to find a representative photo–and sometimes I wasn’t able to find one. Hattie and Albie aren’t perfect, but they’ll do until I find something better.

So…Here is my cast of characters for Hope. Who would you cast in the movie version of your novel?

Center: Meryl Streep as Hope MacDonald Neville. Clockwise from upper left: Ralph Waite as Da, Margo Martindale as Ma, Jessica Tandy as Mamie Greenwood, Alan Rickman as Reverend Whitney, Robert DeNiro as Absalom Neville, Tom Cruise as J. Charles Evans,  Jennifer Lawrence as Josie, Domnhall Gleeson as Albie, Tobie Maguire as Junior, Brad Pitt as Blue Sandeis, Carolyn Gauge as Hattie Newcomb, Julia Roberts as Emma Ferguson Evans.

3 thoughts on “If “Hope” was a movie…

  1. Interesting! I look for my characters in people I see around me. I was in a pizza place and saw my main character, Donovan. I was in the mall and saw a bill board with Connor. BUT recently I saw the movie Widows and saw Beatrice, a character in my 4th story, in Viola Davis. I do look for clothing on Pinterest; that’s fun!

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  2. Yes – so far I’ve cast Julianne Moore for my MC with Patrick Dempsey as her first love interest and Drew Barrymore as her second – obviously this is all fantasy! I also have found clothing ideas on Pinterest – the perfect dress for a 1912 wedding.


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