Book Review: “Breaking the Rules” by Tinthia Clemant

Shannon Baldos wants to divorce her husband, Justin. Now if she could just find the courage to tell him. She’s tried it once: taking her infant son, Chad, and leaving, but Justin tracked them down and bullied her into returning. Classic abuse.

Her friend Peg thinks all she needs is a good affair—Justin makes no secret of his girlfriend so why shouldn’t Shannon find her own “diversion”? Her friend Dee thinks she’s crazy—marriage is forever.

Enter Adam St. John. Shannon despises him; his housing developments are destroying the natural beauty of their quaint New Hampshire town. But, my GOD is he handsome and Shannon is drawn to him despite her friends’ warnings that he goes through women like an allergy sufferer goes through Kleenex.

That’s the setup for Tinthia Clemant’s latest novel, Breaking the Rules. And there are lots of rules that are about to be broken—both Shannon’s and St. John’s. It’s a story of struggle and discovery as Shannon learns that love doesn’t have to hurt, and St. John learns that not all women are after his money. It’s a well crafted tale of adventures, crises, growth and triumph.

I will warn you that this novel is loaded with sex. And although Justin’s verbal abuse only rarely turns physical, there may be triggers for those who have experienced similar situations.

My rating:

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