Writers, Introverts, and Social Media

As a wanna-be author, I have a social media presence. It’s virtually a requirement. If you want a publisher to take you seriously, you need to have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts, a website, and writing blog. Your social media presence, your online followers, are critical.

Publishers want to know there is already an audience who will buy your book, and not just your family, friends, and relatives. If self-publishing is your goal, online exposure is even more important.

But the thing is, many wanna-be and already-are authors are introverts. I see so much of it in online writing groups. We’d rather do almost anything than bare our souls on a public forum or feel pressured to spend our time tweeting, retweeting, posting clever photos, sharing our “wisdom.” It runs counter to our basic personalities. It’s really, really hard to be gregarious online when you’d rather be off somewhere by yourself.

I have nightmares about potential agents or publishers having a look at my blog. A paltry number of followers, an occasional like, a rare comment. Can even an enticing plotline and well-crafted writing overcome a less than luke-warm online presence?

I’d like to think so. I’d like to image an agent or publisher reading my novel and feeling as excited as I do about it. I dream someone in the publishing industry will be impressed, see potential in me as an author.

Every writer does.

So here is my request, dear readers. If you are reading this post, please hit the like button. Add a comment if you are so disposed. Subscribe if you haven’t already. Share the blog with a friend or two or three. Have a look at my Twitter posts. Like them.

Will it help? I don’t know. But it will soothe my little introverted soul.

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5 thoughts on “Writers, Introverts, and Social Media

  1. i would gladly like and comment if i could figure out how without being on facebook, tweeting, setting up a word press acct, etc, etc – is there any way??

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    1. When you receive an email for a new blog post, there should be a “like” button and a “comment” button at the end of the post/email. If there isn’t, click on the title of the blog post. That will take you directly to the website. Scroll to the bottom of the post and click the like button (lower left: it should have a small blue star next to it).


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