Where the Buffalo Roam…

Let’s take a break from writing today and re-visit nature.

Charlie and I recently spent ten days in Montana visiting relatives and boy was there a lot to see! We went to Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks, hiked a few trails, drove up and across the Beartooth Highway (elev at summit 10, 947 feet) and the Going to the Sun Road (in Glacier NP-6,646 feet), and crossed the Continental Divide. (Some people may tell you I kept my eyes closed when the roads got narrow and the cliffs steep–I can neither confirm nor deny that.)

There were so many mountains and so many different types, all shapes and sizes. The included photos are only a small sample of our experiences–I wish I had room to post all of them!

We saw bison, pronghorn antelope, big-horn sheep, mule deer, white-tailed deer, wild turkeys, bald eagles, elk, magpies (lots of magpies!) and a couple of new-to-me ducks. (If anyone can tell me what kind of ducks [see photos], I would be grateful).

The two critters I didn’t get to see–much to my disappointment since the locals had reported seeing several of both–were grizzlies and moose. Okay…maybe next time.

Take a look at some of the landscapes and you’ll soon see why this is called Big Sky Country. Montana brings a whole new meaning to the word AWESOME.

Our hosts were wonderful and generous and, as much as I’m not too crazy about flying these days, I can’t wait to go back.

8 thoughts on “Where the Buffalo Roam…

  1. It’s an amazing part of the country. Your photos have inspired me to see more photos of the area or perhaps visit there! I’ve never been West of Dallas-Ft Worth. I also am not a fan of flying and avoid it by taking Amtrak. So now I will be checking Amtraks routes to that area! Thanks for the inspiration.


    1. Glad you enjoyed the photos. Unfortunately the Amtrak line goes across the northern part of Montana so for us that would have meant a long train trip then a car rental and a 4-5 hour drive south. (BTW, I lived in the DFW area for a few years in the 70s)


      1. Yes you are correct young lady! I just checked my Amtrak route map and the trains don’t go near Devil’s Tower so I guess I won’t be crossing that site off my bucket list either!


  2. Hi Barb!

    Some great photos here! Pleased you had a good time.

    It’s great to be able to travel again!



  3. Wasn’t it all so cool! I want to hear about Glacier and the passes when I sees ya as we didn’t do them. I loved Yelliwstone and Mt rushmore was freaking amazing!


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