Rescue Me

Morning is writing time for me. I work best in the mornings so I try to put in two to three hours of work before noon. Photography is usually reserved for vacations, although my camera is rarely far away when I’m out.

But when the days are cold and snowy, my go-to occupation is knitting. I am retired, after all, so there time is not hard to come by.

I’ve run out of people who want me to make an afghan for them. I rarely make sweaters. I decided to work on small projects–something that would show more immediate results–and use up my leftover yarn. I settled on mittens, and doubled down when a high-school friend who runs a mission in South Texas told me they needed mittens for local children. After mittens, it was hats–and at last I used up all the heavier yarn in my bin.

Along the way I decided to try socks. I made a few pairs, gave away some, and got a little bored. But I still had a ton of sock yarn to use! Hence my current project: One-of-a-kind socks. Each pair of socks is made from a different pattern–complex enough to keep it interesting, small enough to complete in a week or two. I currently have finished about a dozen pairs of socks with lots of sock yarn left to use. I’m guessing at least another dozen pairs.

When I’ve used up all my sock yarn? My current plan is to sell the socks with all of the proceeds going to local animal shelters like Helping Hounds Dog Rescue and Sunshine Horses.

Here’s our gang: Magenta (rescue/terrier mix) Little Joe (sponsored), Georgie (rescue, French Bulldog mix), Strawberry (sponsored).

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