2022 Book Recap

2022 is now at an end and I’ve completed my task of seeing how many books I read in a year. I tend to read two books at a time: one ebook that I read while exercising and at lunch, and a hard-copy that I read at bedtime. Two at a time works out okay, but I’ve learned it’s not a good idea to read two books of the same genre. I kept getting plots and names mixed up when the story lines are too similar.

First, here’s my list of books I read in September-December:

Acqua Alta  Donna LeonAt Risk  Patricia CornwellThe Bomber Mafia  Malcolm Gladwell
Handle with Care   Jodi PicoultCloud Cuckoo Land  Anthony DoerrPost Mortem Patricia Cornwell
Book of the Dead  Patricia CornwellEbon Rebellion  Whitney HillBetter Off Dead Lee Child
Predator     Patricia CornwellThe Personal Librarian    Benedict/MurrayBlind Tribute   Mari Anne Christie
Light Beyond the Glass   KJ HarrowickSave Me From Dangerous Men  SA LelchukSisters at the Edge of the World  Ailish Sinclair
Eldritch Sparks   Whitney HillThe Music Lesson  Katharine WeberThe Lost Apothecary Sarah Penner
Ethereal Secrets Whitney HillThe Unlocked Path Janis Robinson DalyThe Janus Stone, Elly Griffiths
The Girl From Vichy,Andie NewtonThe Narrows, Michael ConnellyThe Death of Santini, Pat Conroy
The Brass Verdict, Michael ConnellyShift, Hugh Howey
Books Read September-December

And the recap…

Crime/suspense/mystery/thriller        35    Drama                                                 2Literary fiction                                   1
Historical fiction                                32Sci fi                                                   2General fiction                                    1 
Fantasy                                                6Coming of age                                    1Speculative fiction                             1 
Memoir                                               4General fiction                                    1     Women’s fiction                                 1
2022 Recap by Genre

It’s no surprise to me that mysteries and historical fiction are my top two genres. I like Sci-Fi and Fantasy too, but they fall a distant 3rd/4th. I can also report that I’m not a fan of memoirs. Although the optimistic me keeps trying, after reading four this year I think I’m done with memoirs for awhile. My grand total of books read in 2022 totaled 84. There were another six books I started but put down for a variety of reasons. Some were boring to me, some were poorly written, and a couple had triggers that turned me off.

How about you? Do you read a lot? Wish you had time to read more? What genres do you like?

One thought on “2022 Book Recap

  1. Awesome! I can’t even get through one book a year. I never was a reader. I have a very hard time finding something those holds my interest.

    Kudos to you😊


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