Looney’s tune

Max saw his first loon yesterday near Piseco Lake. It looked like a duck at first…until it dove and I realized it had to be a loon. The photo here isn’t great because the loon was too far away, but he did favor us with a song just to let us know he was legit. Later we saw a loon chick on another mountain lake. His parents were nowhere to be found, but I’m guessing they were hidden in the reeds, watching junior learn to dive.

The trip was great…the Adirondacks are a treat any day, even with the obligatory rain (it never lasts long, but you can guarantee you will get at least a few sprinkles every time you visit). I love the smell of the air, the wildlife, the gorgeous colors. Oh…we saw a young buck in velvet and several wild turkeys including a family. Unfortunately Susannah was too slow to get pictures. Unless I can con the wildlife into waiting while I focus and frame, I’m going to have to get faster and more organized.

Nothing real special in the photo department but I’ll post a few here anyway.

2 thoughts on “Looney’s tune

  1. Nothing really special??? What?! I love the first three. I\’d have to agree with Sarah – the sun behind the clouds are gorgeous, but the mountains are too. It\’s a close call. And I like the spider one too – not really crazy about spiders, but it\’s still beautiful.


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