Gut Reactions

I’ve been listening to NPR discuss McCain’s choice for VP, Alaska Governor, Sarah Palin. When I first saw the announcement this morning I was excited. “Woo-hoo!” I thought, and reconsidered my decision not to vote Republican. That was my gut speaking – it needs a Republican fix. On reflection I realize that McCain made a very sly decision in choosing a female running mate. Given his past remarks towards his wife I can’t imagine he is much of a feminist. Given his position on other things I can’t imagine he’d welcome female input. His VP choice is another calculated move meant to sway voters.

I wonder how many on-the-fence Republicans whose guts resemble mine will rejoice at this move and go over to the dark side. I wonder how many disappointed Hillary supporters will follow. I wonder how many conservative traditional males will see a black candidate on one side and a woman on the other and not vote at all. I wonder if the minute Hillary was NOT chosen as Obama’s running mate McCain (or his people) jumped for joy and rang up Palin.

I am still excited. One way or another we will break a centuries-old tradition in November. Be it an African-American president or a female vice president we will have crossed an important line. The difference is that, if elected, Obama will actually have a chance to do something.

One thought on “Gut Reactions

  1. I have heard that McCain (well Rove) set it up, so that if Obama picked Kane or Hillary, McCain would pick Ridge and it would be the all change team vs the all security team.If Biden then Palin.Rove is brilliant, but you must check out the Daily Show\’s clip of Rove saying Kane is not ready after only a couple years as Governor of a small state!


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