S-H-O-P is a four-letter word

I hate shopping.

How about you?

The stores, the crowds, the noise. It’s a nightmare of the worst kind in which I only know English and everyone else is speaking Chinese. Shopping drains every last bit of energy out of my batteries.

Black Friday? WORST. DAY. EVER!

Who knew when the internet was first invented that it would be the answer to my prayers? I can browse the shelves, saunter down the aisle, add stuff to my cart and take it out again….all without leaving the safety of my rocking chair. I can purchase Christmas gifts without frustration or guilt. Send birthday gifts without driving anywhere.

No piped-in Christmas music.

No jostling.

No long lines.

No jockeying for a parking space.

Every day I thank the Internet gods for creating online shopping.

*Feature image from http://clipart-library.com/clipart/275384.htm

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