Writing Spaces

I’m luckier than many fledgling writers. I have my own writing space and it takes up a whole room! Yes, my partner’s desk is there as well, but when I’m writing, the room is mine. I also have the luxury of being retired so—no interruptions (er… except Jellybean the cat).

My writing space is the place that most reflects who I am. My nature photographs cover the wall in front of me. On my desk are pictures of my grandkids, my partner, me as a baby (yes, I was a cutie back then!)

When I sit at my desk I can immerse myself in my thoughts, brainstorm new projects. There are no “playlists” for writing—I like the quiet. It allows me to focus and leaves from for the subtler sounds: the chiming clocks (I love clocks!), the soft hum of the computer fan, the pugs snoring on the living room couch.

My desk is a variety of textures as well: the beads on my desk lamp, a red gingham doll’s dress that serves as “cozy” for my pencil jar, the little ceramic piggy with the cork nose that holds my paperclips. There are all sorts of little trinkets, bits of whimsy and silliness.

What does your writing space/work space look like? Post a picture in the comments and tell me why it’s special to you.

One thought on “Writing Spaces

  1. I too keep photos of my favorite people in all my work spaces. They’re both motivational (“do it for them!”) and comforting (“well, at least they’ll still love me if I fail”).

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